We at Markel, have had the pleasure of working with Natalie MacDonald and her team of Associates over the past 4 years, and have always relied on their knowledge, expertise and compassion in the matters of personnel. When we retained MacDonald & Associates, we simply hired the best.

Karen Barkley, President, Karen Barkley, President
Markel Canada Limited

I have worked with Natalie on past cases. I found her to be an excellent lawyer who is very knowledgeable and very compassionate. Natalie took a personal interest in each of my cases and gives excellent advice and guidance. She represented me with such passion that I periodically seek her advice with a great deal of confidence. I truly appreciate the guidance Natalie has provided over the years. Working with her has been very rewarding and I would recommend her to anyone

Jacqueline A. Harris

Natalie MacDonald has worked with G&P Millwork as our employment law legal council for a number of years. She has guided us through complex employment issues with her vast, up-to-date knowledge of Employment Law. Natalie has maintained the utmost professionalism and represented our company with compassion and proficiency while keeping our best financial interest a top priority. We value Natalie’s advice and consider her part of our team when resolving employment issues. I can recommend Natalie MacDonald without reservation.

Gerald Diamond, President
G&P Millwork Ltd.

Natalie MacDonald has served our company for years, and has been a real pleasure to work with, particularly throughout some of our company’s most trying times. Her strategic advice balances her understanding of business realities, with a combined sensitivity for the needs of employees. We deeply appreciate that, as well as her excellent advice over the years, which has proven to save our company significant money as a result. I was recently assisted by Natalie’s guidance and expertise during a massive reorganization of our company. As a result of her first-rate knowledge and expertise, as well as her organizational skills, we were able to ensure that all employees were treated fairly and reasonably throughout the entire process. When you are in Natalie’s hands, you know that you are in the best hands possible to ensure a positive resolution. I have no hesitation recommending Natalie to any organization or individual in need of employment law expertise, as when you go to Natalie you are going to the best!

Doug Cooper, Retired President and CEO

Approachable from our first meeting, with her knowledge and experience Natalie MacDonald was able to quickly assess my situation and accurately predict the end result. I knew what to expect and what it would take to get there. Natalie gave me responsive and reliable legal guidance and was often a shoulder to lean on. Having Natalie in my corner helped to keep me moving forward through a difficult period and I would happily recommend Natalie’s services without hesitation.

Sandy Badgley

Natalie MacDonald is the best employment lawyer, bar none, in Canada! If you don’t speak to her, you will be making a mistake. I retained Natalie MacDonald to represent me on a wrongful dismissal. Overall, Natalie’s representation of me was excellent, as was her professionalism and organization. While in a mediation session once with Natalie, I noticed very quickly that she was much more prepared than our opponent. We had answers, they didn’t. When hiring Natalie, I knew she was intelligent and highly capable but I was surprised at the two styles I had witnessed. It led me to ask Natalie why she was more prepared than the opposing attorney. Her answer is Natalie’s magic: Natalie prepares every file, every client, as if she’s going to trial. There are no short cuts. It’s full service from the moment you say hello – and what service it is. In my opinion, that’s what differentiates Natalie from her opponents. You have your best chance at winning sitting on her side of the table.

Gary N. Collins, Managing Partner, 4Growth Inc.
Executive Director, Epilepsy Canada

Just a note to let you know that we have been able to come to an agreement with the company. This could not have been done or completed without your compassion, wisdom and guidance. You have been a strong and bright light in helping us to understand and to navigate our way through the termination, or as you most aptly put it – mangled termination. From a cost benefit point of view, the time we spent with you is extremely well-warranted.

Keith and Roslyn Goobie

The investment I made in consulting Natalie, in terms of value received, is the best investment I’ve ever made. I wish my other investments would provide a similar return!

Nadine Rolle

Natalie, congratulations! I would expect you and your partner to be quite successful in your new partnership. You bring a wealth of experience and strong background in employment law to the firm. Your excellent guidance and support plus the savvy you demonstrated on my behalf a number of years ago allowed me to control a rather nasty situation I found myself in concerning contract employment law. Again, congratulations and I look forward to following your successful career.

Steven J. Reynolds, CEO
Artola Energy LLC, Houston, Texas

We retained Natalie MacDonald five years ago to assist us on a matter when one of our former employees had decided to sue us. Natalie’s superior knowledge of the law, and her persuasive arguments enabled us to resolve the matter quickly, without having to spend thousands of dollars in litigation. Throughout the years, Natalie’s guidance and expertise has navigated our company through difficult situations. Her vast knowledge of employment law has enabled us to find practical solutions on a cost- effective basis, which is particularly appreciated. Natalie is a genuine pleasure to work with, and any company that does not have her as their employment law counsel is definitely missing out.

James Cameron, President
Cameron & Associates Insurance Consultants