Just Cause for dismissal of an employee may be asserted where the circumstances warrant such a result. However, employers that act hastily, without proper investigation and consideration, expose themselves to substantial liability, and extraordinary damages.

Our courts have made it quite clear that when considering dismissal, an employer must consider not only the incident or misconduct in question, but all relevant factors. In some cases, two employees that are guilty of the same offence will receive different levels of punishment.

MacDonald & Associates has the expertise to properly advise employers throughout the process so they can understand how the law applies to the situation they face, what their obligations are, and the options available to them, so they can avoid substantial damages. After all, Natalie MacDonald wrote the book on Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law, so she and her team know just how to prevent them.

MacDonald & Associates provides employers with expert counsel at all stages of the employment relationship in order to ensure that all aspects of the decision are well-considered, and applied.  Before asserting just cause for dismissal, let MacDonald & Associates help you to look before you leap, and avoid what could be a costly mistake.