Sometimes, dismissals are caused by circumstances entirely unrelated to the particular employees, involved. Difficult financial circumstances, including bankruptcy, and the need to increase profits or reduce debt, may lead to a downsizing or restructuring of the workforce. This can involve the dismissal of large groups of employees at once. Employers may need to reassess their operations or structure and explore cutting costs by reducing their payroll. MacDonald & Associates offers high quality service to ensure your success in this endeavour, while minimizing potential liability.

Once an employer decides to dismiss an employee or group of employees, the ramifications of this decision often trigger questions and concerns best handled by outside legal counsel well-versed in these matters. There is much to consider in navigating this often distressing work-related issue, especially if the case involves mass termination, downsizing, or is complicated by the bankruptcy or insolvency of the employer. At MacDonald & Associates, we offer concise, trustworthy and reliable expert counsel that is easy to understand, taking you through the process step-by-step and helping you feel secure in your subsequent decisions and actions.