It’s not easy being an employer in Canada, as they constantly face a bewildering array of potential claims.

MacDonald & Associates recognizes that employers operate in the real world and there is a need to balance the rights of the employer with the rights of their employees. They must do so in all areas of employment, including human rights, health and safety, privacy laws, and other matters. In addition, while common law and the courts recognize employer rights, they routinely reference the vulnerability of employees and the need to protect them.

At MacDonald & Associates, we work with employers to achieve a legally strategic approach to HR designed not only to ensure compliance and minimize liability, but also to maximize use of our clients’ most valuable resources: their employees. We are your HR partner.

We provide a balanced approach and objective perspective on workplace issues. That’s why MacDonald & Associates is regularly called upon to assist companies of all sizes, as well as associations and organizations.

The firm encourages clients to be proactive, using tools such as contracts, policies and procedures to establish the rules of the employment relationship, rather than having them imposed by legislation and the courts. A relatively nominal investment can reap substantial rewards in the future.

MacDonald & Associates works with clients at all stages and on all aspects of the employment relationship. Natalie has extensive experience addressing contracts, policy manuals, discipline, dismissal, harassment, bullying, investigations, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, downsizing, the sale of a business, social media usage, and much more.

In particular, MacDonald & Associates is often called upon to work with employers considering the dismissal of an employee. Natalie has written the only text on extraordinary damages in employment law, and based on her considerable knowledge and expertise, can assist clients in avoiding large damage awards which can befall the unsuspecting employer who acts in the wrong way.

MacDonald & Associates provides two critical services to clients considering any form of claim. First, we offer advice based upon our substantial knowledge and experience. We are not ‘cheerleaders’ nor do we encourage frivolous litigation. We provide objective opinions and advice regarding the most effective and cost efficient way to successfully respond to any claim.

Second, MacDonald & Associates lawyers zealously represent their clients before courts, tribunals, and mediators. Our courtroom advocacy has led to Natalie MacDonald and her team of Associates being involved in several leading employment law decisions.

Their commitment is to deliver top quality service, in a cost-effective manner, utilizing technology and alternatives to the billable hour where appropriate, to provide prompt, responsive legal solutions and cost certainty.

Natalie MacDonald is the author of ‘Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law’, the only text of its kind.

MacDonald & Associates – Extraordinary Employment Law.