A problem in the workplace can wreak havoc in your life. It can be ongoing bullying or harassment, human rights abuse, constructive dismissal, or the termination of your employment. In most cases, situations do not get better without help.

Often, the best course of action is to seek advice from an expert in employee rights and employment law so you can understand your rights and options as an employee. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of individuals across dozens of industries – from those in the “C-suite” to those on the front lines.

At MacDonald & Associates in Toronto, we start by meeting with you so we can understand and assess your personal situation. Then, we offer our legal opinion, and present you with options. We recognize that any decision must be based upon each individual’s unique circumstances, and the costs and benefits of each option.

MacDonald & Associates provides two critical services to clients considering any form of claim. First, we offer advice based upon our substantial knowledge and experience. We are not ‘cheerleaders’ nor do we encourage frivolous litigation. We provide objective opinions and advice regarding the most effective and cost efficient way to successfully respond to any claim.

Second, MacDonald & Associates lawyers zealously represent clients before courts, tribunals, and mediators. Our courtroom advocacy has led to Natalie MacDonald being counsel in several leading employment law decisions.

MacDonald & Associates works with individuals at any point of the employment relationship, from the initial contract offer to termination or resignation. Unfortunately, many employees simply assume that their former employer is being “fair”, and don’t bother to consult an employment law specialist when they are presented with a severance package. While employees often focus on “how many months they were offered”, the firm’s lawyers understand that in many cases, employers fail to include all forms of required compensation in the package, or that there are other issues which need to be addressed. Even if you have not been formally dismissed, you may be experiencing workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination. Or, you may find that your job has been radically changed. MacDonald & Associates explains your employee rights and then assists you with the situation, whether it be negotiating an improved severance package, or helping you navigate a constructive dismissal situation. If that fails, we use litigation to pursue your claim as cost-effectively as possible.

MacDonald & Associates equally advises individuals who have been offered new employment and provides strategic advice on contracts and other issues. Canadian organizations are becoming more aggressive in their use of employment contracts, and employees often unwittingly sign away many of their employee rights when they accept an offer without seeking legal advice.

MacDonald & Associates is there to support you.

Natalie MacDonald is the author of ‘Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law’, the only text of its kind.