April 11, 2018

MacDonald & Associates is pleased to welcome two new Associates this month.

Tara Vasdani is an experienced, innovative litigator whose early success has brought her national recognition across the legal industry. Despite only being called to the Bar in 2017, Tara argued her first trial in December 2017, and by January 2018 was known as a ‘visionary’ and ‘innovator’ throughout the industry. In January 2018, Tara was renowned as the first Canadian lawyer to serve a Statement of Claim using the social media app, Instagram. Her innovative approach to law was quickly endorsed by the legal community, and she was featured in Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Above the Law, Globe Legal Post, Droit-Inc and on CBC, as well as profiled on the front page of the Law Times.


Kathryn Marshall is an experienced, versatile litigator with a passion for advocacy. She has successfully represented clients at trials and is a dedicated, fervent advocate in every stage of litigation. Kathryn also has experience representing clients at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and before various tribunals. In addition, Kathryn is an effective, strong negotiator and has extensive mediation experience. Kathryn’s passion for advocacy extends outside of the courtroom. She has worked to advance the rights of women and combat sexual harassment, domestic abuse and gender discrimination for over a decade. Kathryn has provided testimony on numerous occasions before a House of Commons Parliamentary Committee with respect to enhancing legislation that protects women and girls from exploitation and violence.